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(2015) Our Summer Picks



Jude Isabella, $20.00

Salmon investigates a narrative that is important to the identity of the Pacific Northwest Coast—the salmon as an iconic species. It also tells the story of scientists gathering data and how their work echoes that of coastal indigenous people who have harvested salmon since the end of the last ice age.
Rocky Mountain Books

British Columbia

Richard Cannings and Sydney Cannings, $34.95

An award-winning guide to the natural history of Canada’s most ecologically diverse province that highlights the effects of climate change and explores the future of BC’s biodiversity.
Greystone Books

The Trees of Calan Gray

Danial Neil, $19.95

Calan Gray talks to trees. They speak back to him. Not in words, exactly; he hears the language of trees. It is 1964, and the world is a harsh place for those who are different. Calan struggles to understand a worldview in which an intimate relationship with the land is something to value, not denigrate.
Oolichan Books

First Nations

The First Nations of British Columbia, Third Edition

Robert J. Muckle, $27.95

This authoritative overview of BC’s First Nations peoples and cultures covers the history, diversity, and complexity of First Nations to provide a context for contemporary concerns and initiatives. This latest edition of the classic work has been fully revised, with new chapters added and arguments reframed in light of current developments.
UBC Press

Knitting Stories

Sylvia Olsen, $28.95

Master storyteller, historian, expert knitter, and Cowichan sweater expert Sylvia Olsen spent fifteen years buying and selling Cowichan sweaters in a shop behind her home on the Tsartlip Reserve. Her essay collection is both personal and political, historical and practical. Includes seven stunning Coast Salish-inspired knitting patterns.
Sono Nis Press

Orca Chief

Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd, $19.95

Orca Chief is the third in a series of bestselling Northwest Coast legends featuring brilliant illustrations by Roy Henry Vickers. In this captivating tale, the great Orca Chief compassionately teaches people on the coast how to treat the ocean’s resources in a sustainable way.
Harbour Publishing

Green Living

The Flour Peddler

Chris Hergesheimer and Josh Hergesheimer, $24.95

Part grain-chain analysis, part bare-all exposé, The Flour Peddler explores the trends and issues of local food systems and the challenges and power of alternative food movements. It is also a gripping adventure, from broken-down market vans, fraudulent bus tickets and hungry bears to a Russian helicopter, an attempted coup and a heart-wrenching homecoming.
Caitlin Press

Greening Your Home

Thomas Teuwen and Laura Lynn Parker, $12.95

We all want a more environmentally smart home, but many of us worry it will cost too much, be too difficult to fix or maintain, and not worth the bother. Not so. This book identifies the practical path to a more sustainable household.
Self-Counsel Press

The Urban Homesteading Cookbook

Michelle Catherine Nelson, $26.95

In this beautifully illustrated cookbook featuring 70 recipes, Nelson explores the world of foraging wild urban edibles, eating invasive species, keeping micro-livestock, growing vegetables in pots, and preserving produce. Nelson believes that by taking more control of our own food we will become better empowered to embrace sustainable lifestyles.
Douglas & McIntyre


That Went By Fast

Frank White, $32.95

Fascinating and frequently hilarious, this memoir written by centenarian Frank White sifts through sixty years of Frank White’s many adventures as a pioneer truck driver, boat builder, excavating contractor, garage mechanic, camp owner and husband to the sophisticated and well-connected New Yorker writer Edith Iglauer.
Harbour Publishing

I, Bartleby

Meredith Quartermain, $14.95

In these quirky, imaginative stories about writing and writers, Bartleby, scrivener (a.k.a. Quartermain), goes her stubborn way haunted by Pauline Johnson, Malcolm Lowry, Robin Blaser, Daphne Marlatt, and other forebears. Who is writing whom, these stories ask in their musing reflections—the writer or the written? The thinker or the calligrapher?

Vancouver Confidential

Edited by John Belshaw, $20.00

Vancouver Confidential is a collaboration of writers who plumb the shadows of civic memory looking for stories that don’t fit into mainstream narratives. By focusing on stories of common people rather than headliners, Vancouver Confidential shines a light on the lives of Vancouverites that have for so long been ignored.
Anvil Press


Dolphin SOS

Roy Miki and Slavia Miki, $17.95

Based on true events, Dolphin SOS recounts the story of three dolphins trapped in an ice-covered cove on the coast of Newfoundland. After the government fails to provide assistance, some young boys take matters into their owns hands in order to save the distressed dolphins.
Tradewind Books

Jessie’s Island

Sheryl McFarlane, $10.95

A lyrical celebration of island life. This reissue of Jessie’s Island, which was originally published over twenty years ago, will introduce a whole new generation of children to the joy of unstructured play and the pleasures to be found in the natural world.
Orca Book Publishers

Taan’s Moons

Alison Gear, $19.99

This is a story woven together by the community on Haida Gwaii. Alison Gear based this engaging story on one version of the Haida Moon cycle. Taan (“bear” in the Haida language) experiences and shares the wonder of the unfolding seasons. Kiki van der Heiden worked with 70 Kindergarten children on Haida Gwaii to create the stunning felted artwork. Includes Skidegate and Old Massett Haida translations, and a Foreword by award-winning author Richard Van Camp.
McKellar & Martin Publishing Group