(2014) Our Winter Picks

You're reaching for the cozy sweaters; you're planning your gift-giving; you're wondering if this is the year you'll actually enjoy eggnog: winter is coming. Let's read.

Fiction and Poetry

Birth of a Bridge

by Maylis de Kerangal; translated by Jessica Moore

97808892288949780889228894. $16.95
Engineers, designers, divers, overseers, and protesters of various nationalities and social classes gather during construction of a mythical bridge in Coca, a fictional city in a mythical and fantastic California

Search and Rescue

by Gail Anderson Dargatz

9781459805767. $9.95
A small-town reporter with a sixth sense risks all to solve the case of a kidnapped woman. First in a series. Rapid Reads.
Orca Book Publishers

Crossing the City

by Michel Tremblay; translated by Sheila Fischman

97808892289319780889228931. $16.95
The second novel in Tremblay’s Crossing series, we follow Maria, the mother of Rheauna, as she leaves Providence, Rhode Island, pregnant and without a husband, to join her brother and two sisters in Montreal.

Peacock Blue: The Collected Poems

by Phyllis Webb

97808892291299780889229129. $45
Peacock Blue compiles in a single hard cover volume all of Webb’s published, unpublished, and uncollected poems from a writing career that spanned fifty years.

Into the Wild

The Great Bear Books Bundle

by Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read

Great Bear Bundle9781459809895. $49.95
The bears and wolves and other wildlife that roam the Great Bear Rainforest are brought to life on the pages of these three books. “Nothing short of gorgeous.” Globe & Mail
Orca Book Publishers

Vancouver Stories

Sensational Vancouver

by Eve Lazarus

Sens Van cover anvil press eve lazarus9781927380987. $24
#1 BC BESTSELLER! Sensational Vancouver is an illustrated popular history book about Vancouver’s famous and infamous, filtered through the houses in which they lived.
Anvil Press

Vancouver Confidential

edited by John Belshaw

6x9_VanConfidential_FIN.indd9781927380994. $20
#1 BC BESTSELLER! Vancouver Confidential is a collaboration of artists and writers who plumb the shadows of civic memory looking for stories that don’t fit into mainstream narratives
Anvil Press

The Delusionist

by Grant Buday

Delusionist cover sketches9781927380932. $20
Set in Vancouver in 1962, we follow Cyril Andrachuk, son of immigrant parents from the former Ukraine as he makes his way from first love to first heartbreak.
Anvil Press

Gone Green

Greening Your Home

Thomas Teuwen and Laura Parker

9781770402072_72DPI9781770402072. $12.95
Good environmental practices need not be intimidating or expensive. This book identifies the practical path to a more sustainable household.
Self-Counsel Press

Greening Your Office

Lee Johnson and Jill Doucette

9781770402089_72DPI9781770402089. $12.95
This book, part of the Self-Counsel Green series, helps your office find more sustainable practices to save energy, reduce waste, and ultimately save money.
sustainable household.
Self-Counsel Press

Greening Your Boat

by Ben van Drimmelen

9781770402065_72DPI9781770402065. $12.95
We don’t seem to notice how boats can significantly pollute and contaminate our waters and shorelines. This book guides you through safe, affordable practices to ensure your boat is sustainable and environmentally efficient.
sustainable household.
Self-Counsel Press