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2005 Poetry in Transit

No bus cards produced this year due to a transit strike.

The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.

Belford, Ken, “(the river”, Ecologue, ©2005, Harbour Publishing.

bissett, bill, “fall”, narrativ enigma/rumours uv hurricane, ©2004, TalonBooks.

Braid, Kate, from “Glenn Gould Poems (6. Glenn Gould’s Hands: A Sonnet)”, In Fine Form, ©2005, Polestar Books.

Brooks, Brenda, “Life, Having Become Still”, In Fine Form, ©2005, Polestar Books.

Field, Dorothy, “Leaving Mitzrayim”, Leaving the Narrow Place, ©2004, Oolichan Books.

Greenwood, Catherine, “Exile,” The Pearl King and Other Poems, ©2004, Brick Books.

Joseph, Eve, “Untitled”, The Startled Heart, ©2004, Oolichan Books.

Kenyon, Michael, “Before Night”, The Sutler, ©2005, Brick Books.

Knighton, Ryan, “Redeeming the Portuguese Club”, Swing in the Hollow, ©2001, Anvil Press.

Lau, Evelyn, “Grownups”, Treble, ©2005, Polestar Books.

McCaslin, Susan, “A Cylinder of Light”, A Plot of Light, ©2004, Oolichan Books.

Rader Matt, “Miraculous Hours”, Miraculous Hours, ©2005, Nightwood Editions.

Reid, Jamie, “A Song of White”, I. Another, The Space Between: Selected Poems, ©2004, Talonbooks.

Rhenisch, Harold, “Iago’s Version”, Free Will, ©2004, Ronsdale Press.

Shreve, Sandy, “Landing”, In Fine Form, ©2005, Polestar Books/ Suddenly, So Much, ©2005, Exile Editions.

Zwicky, Jan, “Small Song: Anger”, Thirty-seven Small Songs & Thirteen Silences, ©2005, Gaspereau Press.