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2008 Poetry in Transit

2008 Poetry in Transit bus cards

The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.

Browne, Colin, “A Square Sonnet”, The Shovel, ©2007, Talon Books Ltd.

Dachsel, Marita, “Mrs. Torrance”, All Things Said and Done, ©2007, Caitlin Press.

Donlan, John, from “The Secret of What Is Important”, Spirit Engine, ©2008, Brick Books.

Geddes, Gary, from “High Steel”, Falsework, ©2007, Goose Lane Editions.

Gottfriedson, Garry, “Black Flowers”, Whiskey Bullets, ©2006, Ronsdale Press.

Kearns, Lionel, “Sunset”, A Few Words Will Do, ©2007, Talon Books Ltd.

Lane, Patrick, “Bamboo Seeds”, Last Water Song, ©2007, Harbour Publishing.

Luger, Moberley, “Geometry”, Ragtime for Beginners, ©2008, Killick Press.

McWhirter, George, “An Era of Easy Meat at Jericho”, The Incorrection, ©2007, Oolichan Books.

New, William, “A Handful of Earth”, The Year I Was Grounded, ©2008, Tradewind Books.

Partridge, Elise, “Small Vessel”, Chameleon Hours, ©2008, House of Anansi Press.

Rader, Matt, “Emergency Broadcast System”, Living Things, ©2008, Nightwood Editions.

Stanley, George, from “Vancouver: A Poem”, Vancouver: A Poem, ©2008, New Star Books.

Wayman, Tom, “Springbomb”, High Speed Through Shoaling Water, ©2007, Harbour Publishing.

Wigmore, Gillian, “Stellako”, Soft Geography, ©2007, Caitlin Press.

Wong, Rita, from “transcrypt”, forage, ©2007, Nightwood Editions.