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UBC Press is the largest scholarly press in western Canada. The Press publishes books on First Nations culture politics and linguistics, Canadian history, environmental history and policy, resources, Canadian politics, globalization, multiculturalism, urban planning, and Asian studies.

2015 Poetry in Transit


Bus/Skytrain Cards:

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Fernandes, Raoul. “Blackout”, Transmitter and Receiver. ©2015, Nightwood Editions

Kenyon, Michael. “Written on a Winter Morning”, Astatine. ©2014, Brick Books

Kope, Beth, “Blackberry/Stain”, Average Height of Flight. ©2015, Caitlin Press

Pearson, Miranda. “Tudeley Church”, The Fire Extinguisher. ©2015, Oolichan Books

Porter, Pamela. “Atonement”, House Made of Rain. ©2014, Ronsdale Press

Simmers, Bren. Hastings-Sunrise. ©2015, Nightwood Editions

Spenst, Kevin. “Shifting Through Small Talk”, Jabbering with Bing Bong. ©2015, Anvil Press

Thornton, Russell, “Night Near Trikala”, The Hundred Lives. ©2014, Quattro Books

Wong, Rita. “declaration of intent”, undercurrent. ©2015, Nightwood Editions