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Fighting Words.

2015 Poetry in Transit


Bus/Skytrain Cards:

Czaga, Kayla. “Another Poem About My Father”, For Your Safety Please Hold On. ©2014, Nightwood Editions

Fernandes, Raoul. “Blackout”, Transmitter and Receiver. ©2015, Nightwood Editions

Kenyon, Michael. “Written on a Winter Morning”, Astatine. ©2014, Brick Books

Kope, Beth, “Blackberry/Stain”, Average Height of Flight. ©2015, Caitlin Press

Pearson, Miranda. “Tudeley Church”, The Fire Extinguisher. ©2015, Oolichan Books

Porter, Pamela. “Atonement”, House Made of Rain. ©2014, Ronsdale Press

Simmers, Bren. Hastings-Sunrise. ©2015, Nightwood Editions

Spenst, Kevin. “Shifting Through Small Talk”, Jabbering with Bing Bong. ©2015, Anvil Press

Thornton, Russell, “Night Near Trikala”, The Hundred Lives. ©2014, Quattro Books

Wong, Rita. “declaration of intent”, undercurrent. ©2015, Nightwood Editions