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2014 Poetry in Transit


Bus/Skytrain Cards:

Arnott, Joanne. “wild seeds”, A Night for the Lady. ©2013, Ronsdale Press

Currin, Jen. “A Week of Silence”, School. ©2014. Coach House Books

Greenwood, Catherine. “Charity”, The Lost Letters. ©2013. Brick Books

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Rosnau, Laisha. “Migratory Paths”, Pluck. ©2014. Nightwood Editions

Saklikar, Renée Sarojini. “Exhibit (1985): twelve.”, children of air india: un/authorized exhibits and interjections. ©2013. Nightwood Editions

Transit Shelter Ads:

Barton, John. “The Living Room”, For the Boy with the Eyes of the Virgin: Selected Poems. ©2012. Nightwood Editions

Byers, Jane. “Coming Out”, Steeling Effects. ©2014. Caitlin Press

Miller, Eric. “Rain after Clear”, In the Scaffolding. ©2005. Goose Lane Editions

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Wynand, Derk. “Musicians on a Bus”, Past Imperfect, Present Tense. ©2010. Bayeux Arts