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The SFU Creative Writing Program publishes a yearly anthology titled emerge, which contains writing from the students in The Writer’s Studio. The anthology is produced by the students and alumni and serves as an introduction to the process of book publishing. sfu.ca/creative-writing @TWSSFU associate member Books in Print: 16 Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Genre Fiction, YA […]

2014 Poetry in Transit


Bus/Skytrain Cards:

Arnott, Joanne. “wild seeds”, A Night for the Lady. ©2013, Ronsdale Press

Currin, Jen. “A Week of Silence”, School. ©2014. Coach House Books

Greenwood, Catherine. “Charity”, The Lost Letters. ©2013. Brick Books

Harper, Jennica. “Fever”, Wood. ©2013. Anvil Press

Minkus, Kim. “TUFT”, TUFT. ©2013. Bookthug

Munro, Jane. “Old Man Vacanas, 11”, Blue Sonoma. ©2014. Brick Books

Partridge, Elise. “Prognosis: 50-50”, Chameleon Hours. ©2008. House of Anansi Press

Rappaport, Henry. “Gliding”, Loose to the World. ©2014, Ronsdale Press

Rosnau, Laisha. “Migratory Paths”, Pluck. ©2014. Nightwood Editions

Saklikar, Renée Sarojini. “Exhibit (1985): twelve.”, children of air india: un/authorized exhibits and interjections. ©2013. Nightwood Editions

Transit Shelter Ads:

Barton, John. “The Living Room”, For the Boy with the Eyes of the Virgin: Selected Poems. ©2012. Nightwood Editions

Byers, Jane. “Coming Out”, Steeling Effects. ©2014. Caitlin Press

Miller, Eric. “Rain after Clear”, In the Scaffolding. ©2005. Goose Lane Editions

Nickel, Barbara. “Reduce your eco-footprint”, Greenspeak: The Eco-Handbook for Kids.

Parry, Mitchell. “After the Quake” Tacoma Narrows. ©2006. Goose Lane Editions

Peart, Danny. “Elder Raven”, Ruined By Love. ©2012. Milagro Press

Prendergast, Gabrielle. “Nina’s Son”, Capricious. ©2014, Orca Book Publishers

Scobie, Stephen. “Masculin féminin Masculine Feminine 1966”, At the limit of breath. ©2014, University of Alberta Press

Tucker, Diane. “Why Don’t You Take the Bus?” Bonsai Love. ©2014. Harbour Publishing

Wynand, Derk. “Musicians on a Bus”, Past Imperfect, Present Tense. ©2010. Bayeux Arts