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2012 Poetry in Transit

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The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.


2012 Poetry in Transit (Car Cards)
2012 Poetry in Transit (Transit Shelter Ads)

Bus/Skytrain Car Cards

McGiffin, Emily, “Cranes”, Between Dusk and Night, © 2012, Brick Books.

Paul, Philip Kevin, “Making the Forgotten”, Little Hunger, © 2008, Nightwood Editions.

Reynolds, Samantha, “A red jacket”, bentlily: a collection of poems, © 2012, Echo Memoirs.

Rose, Rachel, “Uncut Wood”, Song and Spectacle, © 2012, Harbour Publishing.

Wharton, Calvin, “Always”, The Song Collides, © 2011, Anvil Press.


Transit Shelter Posters:

Blodgett, E.D., “Shades”, Apostrophes VII: Sleep, You, a Tree, © 2011, University of Alberta Press.

Braid, Kate, “61.”, Inward to the Bones: Georgia O’Keefe’s Journey with Emily Carr, © 2010, Caitlin Press.

DeCroo, Rodney, “The Trumpet”, Allegheny, BC, © 2012, Nightwood Editions.

Lane, Patrick, “Temper”, The Collected Poems of Patrick Lane, © 2011, Harbour Publishing.

Nickerson, Billeh, “The Piano Player”, Impact: The Titanic Poems, © 2012, Arsenal Pulp Press.

Pass, John, “Fly-ash”, crawlspace, © 2011, Harbour Publishing.

Reynolds, Samantha, “I am not old”, bentlily: a collection of poems, © 2012, Echo Memoirs.

Rogers, Janet Marie, “Much Worse”, Unearthed, © 2011, Leaf Press.

Wayman, Tom, “The Grouse that Flew Underground”, Dirty Snow, © 2012, Harbour Publishing.

Wigmore, Gillian, “Late Season Sun”, Dirt of Ages, © 2012, Nightwood Editions.