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1998 Poetry in Transit

The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.

Batchelor, Rhonda, “Labour Day”, Interpreting Silence, ©1994, Beach Holme Publishers.

Bowling, Tim, from “Old Barns”, Dying Scarlet, ©1997, Nightwood Editions.

Braid, Kate, “untitled”, Inward to the Bones: Georgia O’Keeffe’s Journey with Emily Carr, ©1998, Polestar.

Fertig, Mona, from “Woman Who Runs With Wolves”, Sex, Death and Travel, ©1998, Oolichan Books.

Fiamengo, Marya, from “White Linen Remembered”, White Linen Remembered, ©1996, Ronsdale Press.

Funk, Carla, from “No. 647: Homesickness”, Solomon’s Wives, ©1997, Smoking Lung Press.

Kiyooka, Roy, from “StoneDGloves”, Pacific Windows, ©1997, Talon Books.

Lane, Patrick, from “Stars”, Selected Poems: 1977-1997, ©1997, Harbour Publishing.

Nevill, Sue, from “Your Driving Hands”, I Was Expecting Someone Taller, ©1991, Beach Holme Publishers.

Nickel, Barbara, “Busking”, The Gladys Elegies, ©1997, Coteau Books.

Page, P.K., “This Heavy Craft”, The Hidden Room, ©1997, Porcupine’s Quill.

Rhenisch, Harold, from “Trees”, Taking the Breath Away, ©1998, Ronsdale Press.

Ruzesky, Jay, from “She Draws a Calendar”, Painting the Yellow House Blue, ©1994, House of Anansi Press.

Spence, Lily A., “One More Time”, The Whirring Windmills, ©1997, Morning Star Press.

Zieroth, David, from “The Good Day”, How I Joined Humanity at Last, ©1998, Harbour Publishing.