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BC Books Online marks the first ever collaboration between publishers and libraries with the objective to deliver digital content to an entire province. There has been considerable interest in our progress from across the country and internationally. The project will undoubtedly serve as a model for similar initiatives in other jurisdictions.

Poetry in Transit 2014/2015 launches at Word Vancouver on Sept 28 #PoetryInTransit



BC Bestsellers

For the week of September 28, 2014
Adult Bestseller List
  1. Vancouver Confidential by John Belshaw
  2. A Rock Fell on the Moon by Alicia Priest
  3. And the River Still Sings by Chris, Czajkowski
  4. Cloudwalker by Robert Budd and Roy Henry Vickers
  5. Ice Storm by Bruce Dowbiggin
  6. Dipnetting with Dad by Willie Sellars and Kevin Easthope
  7. The Couch of Willingness by Maureen Palmer and Michael Pond
  8. Who We Are by Elizabeth May
  9. The Girl Who Writes by K. Jane Watt and Richard Cole
  10. Sensational Vancouver by Eve Lazarus
  11. Cardboard Ocean by Mike McCardell
  12. The Cougar Lady by Rosella Leslie


The BC Bestseller List is compiled using sales data from over 80 independent bookstores in BC, which is provided to the ABPBC by TBM BookManager. The list represents sales of BC published books released within the calendar year.


The Association of Book Publishers of BC (ABPBC) is a trade association, founded in 1974, whose aims are to foster an environment in which our members will flourish and to expand an awareness of the value of books in all our lives. We are the largest regional affiliate of the Association of Canadian Publishers.

For more information on our member-driven association go to Who We Are.

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News & Events

Help Plant the Vancouver Poet Tree, Sept 27

September 26th, 2014

Job Posting: Technical Operations Officer, Publishing Unit, Hansard

August 27th, 2014

Hansard, the official record of the debates in Legislature of British Columbia, is seeking a person with technical skills and a love of language to work in their publishing unit. It’s a full-time position within a small friendly team that provides tech support to editors and publishes transcripts to deadline. The deadline is August 28. Full details here.

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