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British Columbia and Yukon Gold Hunters: A History in Photographs
by Donald E. Waite; foreword by Iona Campagnolo

In this masterful collection of stories, historical images, and handcrafted maps, Donald Waite celebrates the human quest for gold.

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BC Bestsellers

For the week of April 24, 2016
Bestseller List
      1. Gut by Giulia Enders
      2. Walking to Camelot by John A. Cherrington
      3. The Heaviness of Things That Float by Jennifer Manuel
      4. My Heart Fills with Happiness by Monique Gray Smith
      5. The Wild in You by Lorna Crozier & Ian McAllister
      6. Boats in My Blood by Barrie Farrell
      7. Orca Chief by Roy Henry Vickers & Robert Budd
      8. Discipline Without Damage by Vanessa Lapointe
      9. Born to the Wild by Rob Kaye
      10. Bill Reid Collected by Martine J. Reid
      11. Beach Baby by Laurie Elmquist
      12. Vancouver Vanishes by Caroline Adderson
      13. Straight to the Head by Fraser Nixon
      14. The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung
      15. Campfire Stories of Western Canada by Barbara Smith

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News & Events

A Parliament of Poets by Zoe Duhaime

April 18th, 2016

(a storypoem for BC Book Day)
Prepared by and presented on BC Book Day by Victoria Youth Poet Laureate, Zoe Duhaime.

1st page
Welcome to the parliament of poets.

2nd page
You will feel, like any child, a pull to the library.
Welcome to the top of the mountain,
the roses of the flower bed,
the warren in an endless field.
the room is cold, but the spines are red,
No food allowed, but the minds are fed.
You’ll want to spend all day here,
and you can, my friend!
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Alan Twigg named recipient of the 13th annual Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence

March 23rd, 2016

The West Coast Book Prize Society is proud to recognize Alan Twigg as the recipient of the 13th annual Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence.
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