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Caitlin Press
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Caitlin Press publishes writers who reflect the concerns, culture and history of that part of Canada called the “middle north” which lies between the southern, heavily-populated areas and the far north. In addition Caitlin Press seeks work by and about BC women.

Staff & Board


Executive Director

Heidi Waechtler

Project Coordinator

Natalie Hawryshkewich

2016 ABPBC Executive Board


Kevin Williams, Talonbooks


Jen Gauthier, Greystone Books


Brian Lam, Arsenal Pulp Press


Vici Johnstone, Caitlin Press

Member at Large

Karen Green, Anvil Press

Member at Large

Nadine Pedersen, UBC Press

Member at Large

Melissa Pitts, UBC Press

Member at Large

Randal Macnair, Oolichan Books

Member at Large

Ron Hatch, Ronsdale Press

Past President

Ruth Linka, Orca Book Publishers