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Nightwood Editions is committed to publishing and promoting the best new poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction by writers across Canada. We foster a dynamic community of writers, books and readers that reflects our country‚Äôs diversity. nightwoodeditions.com @NightwoodEd active member Books in Print: 200 Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry Contact: Silas White info@nightwoodeditions.com Box 1779 Gibsons, BC V0N […]

Friends of the ABPBC

Friends of the ABPBC support the aims and objectives of the ABPBC. Friends may include suppliers, industry associations, book marketers, editors, printers, publishing educators or publishers who are not yet eligible for membership or whose head office is based outside BC.

Friends of the ABPBC will receive the newsletter, research or information made available from ABPBC projects. Friends may obtain preferred rates on services. Friends who are not members of the Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) may also attend Professional Development seminars at non-member rates or information meetings with visiting publishing organizations such as the Association for the Export of Canadian Books, Access Copyright or BookNet Canada when appropriate and as space allows.

If the Friends are publishers with their head office in BC, their ISBNs may be registered with The BookManager for the BC Bestseller List. They may also participate in book displays and conferences where space is available. If the Friends are publishers with a head office in BC or are Canadian publishers and ACP members whose head offices are in another province, they may participate in certain specialty catalogues and Poetry in Transit at non-member rates. Publisher Friends also benefit from the lobbying activities and awareness campaigns undertaken by the ABPBC. If Friends are umbrella organizations representing a number of publishers or self-publishers, those publishers may not access ABPBC projects unless they become members.

If Friends become eligible for ABPBC membership, they must do so in order to access ABPBC services and benefits.

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