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Ronsdale Press is a literary publishing house dedicated to publishing books from across Canada, books that give Canadians new insights into themselves and their country.

Who We Are

The Association of Book Publishers of BC (ABPBC) is a provincial association of BC owned and controlled book publishing companies. The ABPBC works to support the long-term health and success of the Canadian-owned book industry in British Columbia.

The ABPBC supports the aspirations and activities of its membership through cultural, economic, and political initiatives and engages book-related communities in British Columbia, Canada, and beyond.

The ABPBC also provides information to the public on the industry in general and on our members’ publishing programs in particular.

Aims & Objectives of the ABPBC

  • To encourage in particular the writing, publishing, distribution and promotion of books written by British Columbian and Canadian authors.
  • To cooperate with other associations and organizations to further the reading and studying of all books.
  • To work for the development and maintenance of strong competitive book publishing houses owned and controlled in British Columbia and Canada.
  • To represent the interest of British Columbia owned book publishers in relations with the public and private institutions in Canada and abroad.
  • To facilitate the exchange of information among its members.
  • To foster the business and business interests of its members.
  • To settle disputes between its members within British Columbia.
  • To further professional training for individuals engaged in all aspects of the book publishing activity.
  • To promote the highest standards of professional conduct in the book publishing industry.
  • To cooperate closely with individuals, organizations and governments in the pursuit of the objectives of the Association.
  • To undertake such specific projects, studies and other forms of action as shall be from time to time required to implement the above objectives.
  • To support the objects of the Association of Canadian Publishers, provided that such objects do not conflict with the laws of the province of British Columbia or the last preceding objects herein.

  • As book publishers in Canada we strongly oppose the closing of libraries and disposal of library holdings, which together put limitations on access to, and the sharing of, knowledge in Canada.

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