featured book:
I, Bartleby
by Meredith Quartermain

In these quirky, imaginative stories about writing and writers, Bartleby, scrivener (a.k.a. Quartermain), goes her stubborn way haunted by Pauline Johnson, Malcolm Lowry, Robin Blaser, Daphne Marlatt, and other forebears. Who is writing whom, these stories ask in their musing reflections—the writer or the written? The thinker or the calligrapher?

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The ABPBC organizes three to four sessions annually on subjects determined by the membership. In 2011, the ABPBC held sessions on online marketing and digital issues. Open to ACP and ABPBC members. ABPBC Friends and non-members may attend where appropriate and as space allows.


The ABPBC annual retreat provides Active members with an opportunity to network with their colleagues, funders and members of the larger community and to attend professional development sessions.

The ABPBC a maintains contact with all industry-related organizations to foster relations and the promotion of Canadian books. These organizations include:
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In 1992, the ABPBC passed a motion to encourage the use of ancient-forest friendly papers in our members’ books. Working closely with Markets Initiative, now Canopy, this initiative has been very successful in paving the way for the use of environmentally sound papers by publishers across Canada and internationally. For more information on how and why publishers can incorporate environmental responsibility into their publishing practices download our EcoKit or request a print copy by emailing to admin@books.bc.ca.