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Caitlin Press

Caitlin Press publishes writers who reflect the concerns, culture and history of that part of Canada called the “middle north” which lies between the southern, heavily-populated areas and the far north. In addition Caitlin Press seeks work by and about BC women.

Advocacy on behalf of BC Publishers

The ABPBC works with governments at the provincial and federal level to ensure the health of the book publishing industry through the development of comprehensive publishing policies.

Identification of issues, research and discussion lead to the development of policies designed to ensure that the cultural and industrial activities of our membership are addressed in enlightened public policy. Successful collaborations between the book industry through the ABPBC and government have resulted in the following initiatives:

Block and Project Funding Programs

BC Arts Council (BCAC) funding programs support the publication of culturally relevant titles from eligible BC publishers.

Book Publishing Tax Credit (BPTC)

The BPTC provides refundable credits to eligible BC book publishers through the tax system.

BC Archives

The BC Archives ensures valuable cultural material is available to the public through book publication. Discounted prices for the reproduction of images from the BC Archives are available to ABPBC members.

BC Books on BC Ferries

In the 1980s the ABPBC urged the government of the day to improve the retailing of BC books on the ferries. When the contract was tendered to a professional book retailer sales tripled. Today the BC Ferry BC books sections of their gift shops sell over 300 different titles and are an important sales venue and showcase for BC published and authored titles. The current distributor for the BC Ferries books sections is The News Group.

Currently, the ABPBC is working on the following policy objectives:

Increased Funding for the BC Arts Council

Funding for the arts in BC is the lowest per capita in the country. The ABPBC continues to advocate for increased and stable funding for the BC Arts Council, the province’s primary delivery mechanism for arts and culture programs.

Renewal of the Book Publishing Tax Credit

The ABPBC believes the BPTC is the single most important program delivered to book publishers in BC ensuring, as it does, the industry’s cultural and economic growth. The BPTC became effective in September 2002 and was renewed in the 2007 provincial budget. An evaluation of the value of the BPTC was delivered to the provincial government in anticipation of its renewal in 2012. The recent budget (February 2012) confirmed the renewal of the Book Publishing Tax Credit for five more years.

Health of School Libraries

All studies indicate student achievement is directly related to access to good school libraries. The ABPBC supports the BC Coalition for School Libraries, which is working to ensure that all school libraries are open across the province and throughout the school week with qualified teacher-librarians on staff and sufficient funds to replace outdated books.

Increased Funding for Writers

The ABPBC recommends increased funding delivered through the BCAC as to support BC writers.

BC Ferries Showcase of BC Books

The ABPBC sits on an advisory committee to the BC Ferries to ensure that the BC books section of the gift shops continues to showcase BC books as well as generate the best possible returns.