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UBC Press is the largest scholarly press in western Canada. The Press publishes books on First Nations culture politics and linguistics, Canadian history, environmental history and policy, resources, Canadian politics, globalization, multiculturalism, urban planning, and Asian studies.

(2012) This Summer, Tour BC

(without leaving your armchair).
After months of anxiously watching the skies, we're finally ready to celebrate the arrival of Summer 2012! There are so many areas of BC to explore this summer. If you don't have time to see them all (or if you can't abide the gas prices, bug bites and constant switching from sun hat to umbrella), pour yourself a lemonade, crack open a book and tour the landscape, the people and the culture of BC from the comfort of your backyard hammock.

Happy Travels

The Landscape

In the Land of the Red Goat

by Bob Henderson ISBN 0-9684043-9-1, $21 CAN

During forty years of guiding in Spatsizi and Tatlatui, Bob was charged by grizzlies, fought forest fires, learned to fly planes and survived the northward advance of bureaucrats, politicians and miners.

Creekstone Press

Mountain Machines

by Sara Leach; Illustrated by Steven Corvelo
ISBN 978-0-9782818-1-6, $9.95 CAN

Best selling Mountain Machines features choppers, bullwheels, pipe dragons and snow guns- all the machines that run a ski hill in the BC mountains.

Poppy Productions

River Killers

by Bruce Burrows ISBN 978-1926971568, $14.95 CAN

Featuring Danny Swanson of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, this mystery dives into the fishing industry and a solid ecological-disaster scare.

Touchwood Editions

Rockin’ Whitewater: A Guide to Paddling in Northwest BC

by Tania Millen ISBN 978-0-9783195-7-1, $20 CAN

Sunday drifters to “hair-straight-back” creek boaters will find the goods in this guide to the world-class whitewater runs and playspots of northwest British Columbia rivers.
Creekstone Press

Long Beach Wild: A Celebration of People and Place on Canada’s Rugged Western Shore

by Adrienne Mason ISBN 978-1-55365-344-8, $24.95 CAN

Local Adrienne Mason explores the region’s rich natural and cultural history, providing an intimate look at Long Beach’s dramatic landscapes and colourful characters.

Greystone Books

Ferrets Underfoot: Adventures with Tia, Teasel and Friends

by Kate Woods ISBN 978-1-926618-00-5,$19.95 CAN

On forest and seashore walks with her pet ferrets, an artist learns to see with fresh eyes the intricate beauties of west coast Vancouver Island.

Hedgerow Press

Sounds of the Ferry

by Sara Leach; illustrated by Steven Corvelo
ISBN 978-0-9782818-2-3, $9.95 CAN

Nominated for a 2012-13 Chocolate Lily Award, Sounds of the Ferry explores the sounds and sights of a sea voyage on BC’s west coast.

Poppy Productions

Sidetracked: The Struggle for BC’s Fossils

by Vivien Lougheed ISBN 978-0-9783195-5-7, $21 CA

Tells the tale of the discovery of the Monroe Dinosaur Trackway in the Northeast and weaves in lively stories of other major fossil finds in BC and across North America.

Creekstone Press

The People

Our Friend Joe: The Joe Fortes Story

By Lisa Anne Smith and Barbara Rogers
ISBN 978-1-55380-146-7 ebook ISBN 978-1-55380-142-9, $21.95 CAN

The first-ever biography of the black lifeguard who won the hearts of Vancouver’s citizens, teaching their children to swim in English Bay.

Ronsdale Press

Above Stairs: Social Life in Upper-Class Victoria 1843–1918

by Valerie Green ISBN 9781926971636, $19.99 CAN

Like a kitchen hand sneaking up the servants’ steps to spy on the rich, discover the glamorous, complicated lives of Victoria’s social elite in Above Stairs.

TouchWood Editions

The Private Journal of Captain G.H. Richards: The Vancouver Island Survey (1860–1862)

Edited by Linda Dorricott and Deidre Cullon
ISBN 978-1-55380-127-6 ebook ISBN 978-1-55380-133-7, $24.95 CAN

Published for the first time after 150 years, this journal is an exciting addition to the history of BC. With 12 colour maps & photos; 30 b&w photos

Ronsdale Press

Jewels of the Qila: The Remarkable Story of an Indo-Canadian Family

Hugh J.M. Johnston ISBN 9780774822176 , $32.99 CAN

This saga of three generations of a Sikh family living in BC tells a larger tale about an immigrant community’s triumphs and tribulations and the strong connections that Indo-Canadians continue to forge with their homeland.

UBC Press

Captain Alex MacLean: Jack London’s Sea Wolf

Don MacGillivray ISBN 9780774814720, $30.95 CAN

Sealing wars and maritime history are brought into focus in this vivid account of the life of the Alex MacLean, the inspiration for Jack London’s Sea-Wolf.

UBC Press

Home: Tales of a Heritage Farm

by Anny Scoones ISBN 0-9736882-0-3, $19.95 CAN

Amusing anecdotes of heritage animals and eccentric residents on one of Vancouver Island’s oldest farms, rescued from near-destruction and lovingly restored by the author.

Hedgerow Press

A Wilder West: Rodeo in Western Canada

by Mary-Ellen Kelm ISBN 9780774820301 , $24.95 CAN

A lavishly illustrated history of rural and small-town rodeo that challenges the well-worn images of rodeo as a white man’s sport.

UBC Press

I Just Ran: Percy Williams, World’s Fastest Human

By Samuel Hawley ISBN 978-1-55380-126-9
ebook ISBN 978-1-55380-132-0, $23.95 CAN

The untold story of the Canadian who came out of nowhere to win double gold in the 100 and 200 metres at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics.

Ronsdale Press

Indian Horse

by Richard Wagamese ISBN 978-1-55365-402-5, $21.95 CAN

As Saul Indian Horse journeys through his life as an Ojibway, from the horrors of residential school to his triumph on the hockey rink, he must question everything he knows.
D&M Publishers

Passage on the Cardena

by Mel Dagg ISBN 9781927129340, $19.95 CAN

An unforgettable journey into BC’s coastal history, featuring the legendary steamship Cardena. While on board, Matt befriends soon-to-be-famous painter, Emily Carr who’s searching for a new direction in her art.

TouchWood Editions

The Culture

Island Wineries of British Columbia

by Gary Hynes and the contributors of EAT Magazine
ISBN 9781926741260, $29.95 CAN

An award-winning guide to BC’s growing wine culture and food movement. Celebrate the unique flavours and grape varieties that can only be found on the islands off the West Coast.

TouchWood Editions

The Life and Art of Ina D.D. Uhthoff

by Christina Johnson-Dean, introduction by Pat Martin Bates
ISBN 978-1-896949-13-0, $32.95 CAN

Ina D.D. Uhthoff was the founder, principal and teacher of the Victoria School of Art, one of the founders of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and art columnist for the Victoria Daily Colonist.

Mother Tongue Publishing

Discovering Totem Poles

by Aldona Jonaitis ISBN ISBN 978-1-92681-285-4, $19.95 CAN

An indispensible guide for identifying totem poles along British Columbia’s inside passage from Vancouver to Alaska.

D&M Publishers

Flavours of the West Coast

by Cedarwood Productions with Chef Steve Walker-Duncan and guests ISBN 9781927129258, $29.95 CAN

In this colourful cookbook inspired by the popular TV program, signature dishes from the region’s top restaurants, chefs, and foodies are shared with the at-home cook.

TouchWood Editions