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(2016) Book Passage with BC Ferries


Crocs at Work

by Robert Heidbreder and Rae Maté

9781926890043 9781926890043, $18.95
Robert Heidbreder and Rae Maté have teamed up again to create another book of Croc adventures, Crocs at Work! Their Crocs have sprinted off the sports field of Crocodiles Play! and jumped into the work-a-day world, adding silliness, surprise and adventure to everyday jobs.

My Heart Fills with Happiness

by Monique Gray Smith

9781459809574 9781459809574, $9.95
The sun on your face. The smell of warm bannock baking in the oven. Holding the hand of someone you love. What fills your heart with happiness? With illustrations from celebrated artist Julie Flett, this beautiful board book serves as a reminder for us all to cherish the joyful moments in life.

Kah-Lan the Adventurous Sea Otter

by Karen Autio

9781550392449 9781550392449, $9.95
The heroic travels of two dynamic and realistic sea otter characters are a wonderful introduction to sea otters, and to the human activities that threaten them. Warm and appealing illustrations by Sheena Lott and a triumphant ending will inspire readers to learn more about these remarkable animals.

Fiction & Essays

BOOBS: Women Explore What It Means to Have Breasts

edited by Ruth Daniell

9781987915051 9781987915051, $24.95
At turns heartbreaking and hilarious, Boobs is a diverse collection of stories about the burdens, expectations and pleasures of having breasts. From the agony of puberty to the anxiety of aging, these stories and poems go beyond the usual, instead offering dynamic and honest portraits of desire, acceptance and the desire for acceptance.

Mend the Living

by Maylis de Kerangal; translated by Jessica Moore

9780889229730 9780889229730, $19.95
The story of a heart transplant, centered around Simon Limbeau, the boy whose heart is given, and his family. Taking place within exactly twenty-four hours, the novel traces the thrill of an early-morning winter surf session, the terrible accident that follows, and the grief of young Simon’s family as they negotiate the question of organ donation.

Green River Falling: A Dan Connor Mystery

by R.J. McMillen

9781771511681 9781771511681, $14.95
When five pipeline employees have been brutally murdered and a journalist has gone missing along BC’s remote central coast, everyone suspects a Haida man. Walker insists his friend is innocent and enlists Dan Connor to help clear his name—but can they escape the path of the killer?


Boats in My Blood: A Life in Boat Building

by Barrie Farrell

9781550177558 9781550177558, $24.95
Barrie Farrell, one of British Columbia’s most prolific, colourful and innovative boat builders, shares the story of his life—from the boats he built to what it was like growing up in a fishing village in the 1950s. It is a fascinating chronicle of a life devoted to boat building.

Soviet Princeton: Slim Evans and the 1932-33 Miners’ Strike

by Jon Bartlett and Rika Ruebsaat

9781554201099 9781554201099, $19.00
A coal miners’ strike during the Great Depression divided the small town of Princeton, BC, with mine owners, police, local business owners, the newspaper editor, and even the KKK joing forces to smear, intimidate, and attack the miners, led by notorious labour organizer Arthur “Slim” Evans.

Rogues, Rascals, and Scalawags Too: More Ne’re-Do-Wells Through the Ages

by Jim Christy

9781772140170 9781772140170, $20.00
Never before have as many outrageous and out-sized characters appeared in one place at the same time. Read about the adventurous lives and wild exploits of Carolina Otero, Andre Malraux, Lord Timothy Dexter, Suzanne Valadon, William Hunt, Mata Hari, Emma Hamilton, and many more in this second volume of Scalawags!

Illustrated History

Vancouver Vanishes: Narratives of Demolition and Revival

by Caroline Adderson, John Atkin, Kerry Gold, Evelyn Lau, Eve Lazarus, John Mackie, Elise and Stephen Partridge and Bren Simmers; foreword by Michael Kluckner

9781772140347 9781772140347, $24.95
Based on the popular Facebook page, Vancouver Vanishes is a collection of essays and photographs that together form a lament for, and celebration of, the vanishing character homes and apartments in the city.

Bill Reid Collected

edited by Martine J. Reid

9781771621151 9781771621151, $19.95
The work of Bill Reid is showcased with beautiful photographs of his sculptures, carvings, jewellery and paintings inspired by the culture and themes of his Haida Gwaii heritage. Featuring an introductory essay by Dr. Martine J. Reid, this book pays tribute to one of Canada’s most renowned First Nations artists.

The Miracle Mile: Stories of the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games

by Jason Beck

9781987915006 9781987915006, $29.95
The 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Vancouver will always be remembered for the “Miracle Mile,” the showdown between the first two men to break the four-minute barrier, England’s Roger Bannister and Australia’s John Landy. Includes story after story (with images) of unbelievable tales of sports glory and amazement.

The Great Outdoors

Power of Pulses: Saving the World with Peas, Beans, Chickpeas, Favas and Lentils

by Dan Jason, Hilary Malone and Alison Malone Eathorne

9781771621021 9781771621021, $24.95
2016 is the United Nations International Year of Pulses! And here is an inspiring do-it-yourself guide to everything you need to know about growing and eating pulses—a versatile, nutritious and highly sustainable crop that includes beans, peas, chickpeas, favas and lentils. Vibrantly illustrated with 50 delicious vegetarian recipes.

Active Vancouver: A Year-round Guide to Outdoor Recreation in the City’s Natural

by Roy Jantzen

9781771600798 9781771600798, $25.00
Active Vancouver offers the reader a variety of pursuits—cycling, trail running, hiking, snowshoeing, paddling, walking, and nature treks—all within a day trip of Vancouver, British Columbia, one of the most vibrant urban regions in the world for access to recreational green space.

Cycling the Islands: A Guide to Scenic Routes on the San Juan and Gulf Islands

by John Crouch

9781771601610 9781771601610, $20.00
Cycling the Islands is the ultimate guidebook for those travellers looking to explore the beauty and splendour of British Columbia’s Gulf Islands and the American San Juan Islands by bicycle, including Salt Spring, Pender, Mayne, Galiano, Gabriola, Denman, Hornby, San Juan, Lopez, Orcas, and Shaw.