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2007 Poetry in Transit

2007 Poetry in Transit bus cards

The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.

Birney, Earle, from “Vancouver Lights”, One Muddy Hand: Selected Poems, ©2006, Harbour Publishing.

Friesen, Patrick, “not asleep but remembering”, Earth’s Crude Gravities, ©2007, Harbour Publishing.

Gadd, Maxine, “Maxine meets Proteus in Gastown”, Backup to Babylon, ©2006, New Star Books.

Galloway, Pam, from “Correspondence”, Parallel Lines, ©2006, Ekstasis Editions.

Harper, Jennica, “Autumn Detail”, The Octopus and Other Poems, ©2006, Signature Editions.

Kearns, Lionel, “The Old Routine”, A Few Words Will Do, ©2001, Talon Books Ltd.

Nickel, Barbara, “Former Inhabitants, c. 1917”, Domain, ©2007, House of Anansi Press.

Owen, Catherine, “itinerant”, Cusp/Detritus: an experiment in alleyways, ©2006, Anvil Press.

Patton, Christopher, from “Weed Flower Mind (#16)”, Ox, ©2007, Véhicule Press.

Price, Steven, from “XLIX”, Anatomy of Keys, ©2006, Brick Books.

Quartermain, Meredith, “For Someone in Heart Surgery”, Vancouver Walking, ©2005, NeWest Press.

Smith, Michael V., from “Promise”, What You Can’t Have, ©2006, Signature Editions.

Stone, Tiffany, “Don’t Give a Magnet to an Elephant”, Baaad Animals, ©2006, Tradewind Books.

Thornton, Russell, from “Story”, The Human Shore, ©2006, Harbour Publishing.

Turner, Jacqueline, “wednesday”, Seven Into Eleven, ©2006 ECW Press.

Zeiroth, David, from “Had I Stayed on the Farm”, The Village of Sliding Time, ©2006, Harbour Publishing.