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Caitlin Press publishes writers who reflect the concerns, culture and history of that part of Canada called the “middle north” which lies between the southern, heavily-populated areas and the far north. In addition Caitlin Press seeks work by and about BC women.

Creativity Counts Initiative

December 14th, 2009

Creativity Counts is a call-to-action initiative of the Alliance for Arts and Culture. Our goal is to provide British Columbian arts organizations, individual artists, and patrons and supporters with ideas and tools to express their support for the demand that the BC government restore arts funding in our province to the 2008 / 2009 levels.

We hope to add our voice, and thousands of others, to those of many groups such as stopbcartscuts.ca and professional associations like the ProArt Alliance of Greater Victoria and the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Association, demanding that the government Restore Arts Funding Now.

For more information about the Alliance for Arts and Culture, and a copy of the complete Advocacy Toolkit, visit www.allianceforarts.com.

Kevin Dale McKeown
Director of Communications
Alliance for Arts and Culture