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Creekstone Press

Creekstone Press publishes non-fiction, fiction, poetry, photography, and painting, and features writers and artists from northwestern BC.

2013 Poetry in Transit

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2013 Poetry in Transit (Car Cards)

2013 Poetry in Transit (Transit Shelter Ads)

Bus/Skytrain Car Cards

Bachinsky, Elizabeth, “Lions Gate Bridge”, The Hottest Summer in Recorded History, © 2013, Nightwood Editions.

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Tregebov, Rhea. “Perspective/Parallax: Son”, All Souls’, © 2012, Véhicule Press.

Transit Shelter Ads/ Posters

Brett, Brian. “Half a Skull In the Grass”, The Wind River Variations, © 2012, Oolichan Books.

Collis, Stephen. “Kettle: Vancouver to Toronto [June 2010]”, To The Barricades, © 2013, Talonbooks.

Del Buccia, Dina. “How to be Ashamed”, Coping With Emotions and Otters, © 2013, Talonbooks.

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Wagamese, Richard. “Powwow”, Runaway Dreams, © 2011, Ronsdale Press.