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New Star Books is known for its publishing particularly in the areas of social issues and politics, fiction and non-fiction, and poetry, as well as the culture and history of British Columbia and the West.

2010 Poetry in Transit


We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Book Publishing Industry Development Program (BPIDP) for this project.

2010 poetry in transit bus cards

The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.

Barton, John, “Foul Bay at 2 AM”, Hymn, ©2009, Brick Books.

Bowering, George, “January 26”, My Darling Nellie Grey, ©2010, Talon Books.

Braid, Kate, “The Beauty of Men”, Turning Left to the Ladies, ©2009, Palimpsest Press.

Denham, Joe, from “South of Black Point, Southeast Wind Screaming”, Windstorm, ©2009, Nightwood Editions.

Elza, Daniela, from “interpreting the winds”, 4 poets, ©2009, Mother Tongue Publishing.

Gill, Kuldip, “Mill Yard Sounds”, Valley Sutra, ©2009, Caitlin Press.

Gottfriedson, Garry, “The First Snowfall with Horsechild”, Skin Like Mine, ©2010, Ronsdale Press.

Lam, Fiona Tinwei, “Water Park”, Enter the Chrysanthemum, ©2009, Caitlin Press.

Lau, Evelyn, from “The Wake”, Living Under Plastic, ©2010, Oolichan Books.

McKinnon, Barry, from “An Unfinished Theology”, In the Millennium, ©2009, New Star Books.

Noyes, Steve, “Chi pang miao mei yu”, Morbidity & Ornament, ©2009, Oolichan Books.

Pearson, Miranda, from “Coal Harbour”, Harbour, ©2009, Oolichan Books.

Rempel, Al, from “Fidelity”, 4 poets, ©2009, Mother Tongue Publishing.

Rosnau, Laisha, from “He was the Number 14”, Lousy Explorers, ©2009, Nightwood Editions.

Thompson, Simon, “The Great Terrace Flood, 2007”, Why Does It Feel So Late?, ©2009, New Star Books.

Wah, Fred, “is a door”, is a door, ©2009, Talon Books.