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2006 Poetry in Transit

2006 Poetry in Transit Bus Cards

The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.

Bowering, George, “Preserves”, Changing on the Fly: The Best Lyric Poems of George Bowering, © 2004, Raincoast Books

Currin, Jen, from “Atmospheric with Dull Knives”, The Sleep of Four Cities, © 2005, Anvil Press

Fiamengo, Marya, “The Oriole”, Visible Living: Poems New and Selected, © 2006, Ronsdale Press

Hartog, Diana, “Mirage”, Ink Monkey, © 2006, Brick Books

Lamarche, Amanda, “Fear of Poplars”, The Clichéist, © 2005, Nightwood Editions

McAdam, Rhona, from “Cartography”, Cartography, © 2006, Oolichan Books

McKay, Don, “Solo”, Strike/Slip, © 2006, McClelland & Stewart

Munro, Jane “Monk”, Point No Point, © 2006, McClelland & Stewart

New, W. H., from “untitled”, Touching Ecuador, © 2006, Oolichan Books

Partridge, Elise, from “Three Women, Nursing Home, Medical Wing”, Fielder’s Choice, © 2002, Véhicule Press

Pew, Jeff, “the day bill bissett blew into town”, radiant danse uv being: a poetic portrait of bill bissett, © 2006, Nightwood Editions

Roberts, Ken, from “Surfer”, Writing the Tides: New and Selected Poems, © 2006, Ronsdale Press

Scobie, Stephen, “The Correction Line”, The Spaces In Between, © 2003, NeWest Press

Thompson, Gena, from “Springtime”, The Return of the Downtown Eastside Poets, © 2005, Carnegie Community Centre Association

Wong, Rita, “leavetaking”, monkeypuzzle, © 1998, Raincoast Books

Young, Terence, from “Returning”, Moving Day, © 2006, Signature Editions