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  The Creative Writing Program publishes a yearly anthology titled emerge, which contains writing from the students in The Writer’s Studio. The anthology is produced by the students and alumni and serves as an introduction to the process of book publishing. sfu.ca/creative-writing @TWSSFU associate member Books in Print: 16 Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Genre Fiction, YA […]

2006 Poetry in Transit

2006 Poetry in Transit Bus Cards

The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.

Bowering, George, “Preserves”, Changing on the Fly: The Best Lyric Poems of George Bowering, © 2004, Raincoast Books

Currin, Jen, from “Atmospheric with Dull Knives”, The Sleep of Four Cities, © 2005, Anvil Press

Fiamengo, Marya, “The Oriole”, Visible Living: Poems New and Selected, © 2006, Ronsdale Press

Hartog, Diana, “Mirage”, Ink Monkey, © 2006, Brick Books

Lamarche, Amanda, “Fear of Poplars”, The Clichéist, © 2005, Nightwood Editions

McAdam, Rhona, from “Cartography”, Cartography, © 2006, Oolichan Books

McKay, Don, “Solo”, Strike/Slip, © 2006, McClelland & Stewart

Munro, Jane “Monk”, Point No Point, © 2006, McClelland & Stewart

New, W. H., from “untitled”, Touching Ecuador, © 2006, Oolichan Books

Partridge, Elise, from “Three Women, Nursing Home, Medical Wing”, Fielder’s Choice, © 2002, Véhicule Press

Pew, Jeff, “the day bill bissett blew into town”, radiant danse uv being: a poetic portrait of bill bissett, © 2006, Nightwood Editions

Roberts, Ken, from “Surfer”, Writing the Tides: New and Selected Poems, © 2006, Ronsdale Press

Scobie, Stephen, “The Correction Line”, The Spaces In Between, © 2003, NeWest Press

Thompson, Gena, from “Springtime”, The Return of the Downtown Eastside Poets, © 2005, Carnegie Community Centre Association

Wong, Rita, “leavetaking”, monkeypuzzle, © 1998, Raincoast Books

Young, Terence, from “Returning”, Moving Day, © 2006, Signature Editions