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2004 Poetry in Transit

2004 Poetry in Transit Bus Cards

The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.

bissett, bill, from “wintr”, narrativ enigma/rumours uv hurricane, ©2004, Talon Books.

Bleackley, Jillian, “25-Cent Hugs”, Reflections, ©2003, B.F.P. Books.
(Bus card image unavailable.)

Bociurkiw, Marusya, from “I Hear Them Singing All the Time”, Halfway to the East, ©1999, Lazara Press.

Browne, Colin, “Lady Wang Chao-Jun-II”, translation of Li Po, Ground Water, ©2002, Talon Books.

Compton, Wayde, from “The Reinventing Wheel”, Performance Bond, ©2004, Arsenal Pulp Press.

Denham, Joe, from “Swimming Through Inertia”, Flux, ©2003, Nightwood Editions.
(Bus card image unavailable.)

Hurdle, Crystal, from “Court Green”, After Ted and Sylvia. ©2003, Ronsdale Press.

McCaslin, Susan, “Contemplation”, At the Mercy Seat, ©2003, Ronsdale Press.

McKinnon, Barry, “Willow”, The Centre: Poems 1970 – 2000, ©2004, Talon Books.

Owen, Catherine, “Paean”, The Wrecks of Eden, ©2001, Wolsak and Wynn.

Partridge, Elise, “Epitaph For Diane”, Fielder’s Choice, ©2002, Véhicule Press.

Reid, Jamie, “If Ever”, I. Another. The Space Between, ©2004, Talon Books.

Rowley, Mari-Lou, from “Red Dog, Grey Day”, Interference with the Hydrangea, ©2003, Thistledown Press.

Spalding, Esta, “(Untitled)”, The Wife’s Account, ©2002, House of Anansi Press.

Turner, Jacqueline, “Quiet”, Careful, ©2003, ECW Press.

Vincent, K. Louise, “ Hannah’s Prayer”, Hannah and the Holy Fire, ©2003, Oolichan Books.