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Caitlin Press

Caitlin Press publishes writers who reflect the concerns, culture and history of that part of Canada called the “middle north” which lies between the southern, heavily-populated areas and the far north. In addition Caitlin Press seeks work by and about BC women.

2003 Poetry in Transit

2003 Poetry in Transit Bus Cards

The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.

Cochrane, Mark, “Man”, Change Room, ©2000, Talon Books.

Cookshaw, Marlene, “The Field”, Shameless, ©2002, Brick Books.

Dewinetz, Jason, “Observations Midway Through October”, moving to the clear, ©2002, NeWest Press.

Friesen, Patrick, “light in june”, the breath you take from the lord, ©2002, Harbour Publishing.
(Bus card image unavailable.)

Funk, Carla, “Tongues of Men and Angels”, Head Full of Sun, ©2002, Nightwood Editions.
(Bus card image unavailable.)

Greco, Heidi, “Promises, Promises”, Rattlesnake Plantain, ©2002, Anvil Press.

Haley, Heather, “Europa”, Sideways, ©2003, Anvil Press.

Holmes, Nancy, “Keats and the Nectarine”, The Adultery Poems, ©2002, Ronsdale Press.

Hunter, Aislinn, “Thoughts on Marriage”, Into the Early Hours, ©2001, Raincoast Books.

McCaslin, Susan, “The Pause”, At the Mercy Seat, ©2003, Ronsdale Press.

Marlatt, Daphne, “small print”, This Tremor Love Is, ©2001, Talon Books.

Pearson, Miranda, “Housework”, Prime, ©2001, Beach Holme Publishing.
(Bus card image unavailable.)

Ruzesky, Jay, “Long Distance”, Blue Himalayan Poppies, ©2001, Nightwood Editions.
(Bus card image unavailable.)

Thesen, Sharon, “Praxis”, News & Smoke, ©1999, Talon Books.

Thornton, Russell, “Heron”, House Built of Rain, ©2003, Harbour Publishing.
(Bus card image unavailable.)

Wynand, Derk, “Night Window”, Dead Man’s Float, ©2001, Brick Books.