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The Royal BC Museum publishes books on the First Nations, history and natural history of British Columbia, and on the activities, exhibits and collections of the museum and archives.

2003 Poetry in Transit

2003 Poetry in Transit Bus Cards

The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.

Cochrane, Mark, “Man”, Change Room, ©2000, Talon Books.

Cookshaw, Marlene, “The Field”, Shameless, ©2002, Brick Books.

Dewinetz, Jason, “Observations Midway Through October”, moving to the clear, ©2002, NeWest Press.

Friesen, Patrick, “light in june”, the breath you take from the lord, ©2002, Harbour Publishing.
(Bus card image unavailable.)

Funk, Carla, “Tongues of Men and Angels”, Head Full of Sun, ©2002, Nightwood Editions.
(Bus card image unavailable.)

Greco, Heidi, “Promises, Promises”, Rattlesnake Plantain, ©2002, Anvil Press.

Haley, Heather, “Europa”, Sideways, ©2003, Anvil Press.

Holmes, Nancy, “Keats and the Nectarine”, The Adultery Poems, ©2002, Ronsdale Press.

Hunter, Aislinn, “Thoughts on Marriage”, Into the Early Hours, ©2001, Raincoast Books.

McCaslin, Susan, “The Pause”, At the Mercy Seat, ©2003, Ronsdale Press.

Marlatt, Daphne, “small print”, This Tremor Love Is, ©2001, Talon Books.

Pearson, Miranda, “Housework”, Prime, ©2001, Beach Holme Publishing.
(Bus card image unavailable.)

Ruzesky, Jay, “Long Distance”, Blue Himalayan Poppies, ©2001, Nightwood Editions.
(Bus card image unavailable.)

Thesen, Sharon, “Praxis”, News & Smoke, ©1999, Talon Books.

Thornton, Russell, “Heron”, House Built of Rain, ©2003, Harbour Publishing.
(Bus card image unavailable.)

Wynand, Derk, “Night Window”, Dead Man’s Float, ©2001, Brick Books.