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Sono Nis Press

Sono Nis Press is one of BC’s founding publishers specializing in poetry and now publishing regional and children’s books.

2002 Poetry in Transit

2002 Poetry in Transit Bus Cards

The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.

Bowering, Marilyn, “Madrigal, a Lullaby for Xan”, Human Bodies: New and Collected Poems 1987-1999, ©1999, Beach Holme Publishing.
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Dumont, Marilyn, “I am five”, green girl dreams Mountains, ©2001, Oolichan Books.

Friesen, Patrick, “untitled”, A Broken Bowl, ©1997, Brick Books.

Lam, Fiona Tinwei, “Camouflage”, Swallowing Clouds: An Anthology of Chinese Canadian Poetry, ©1999, Arsenal Pulp Press.

Landale, Zoe, “Infinity is the sudden Lilt”, Blue in this Country, ©2001, Ronsdale Press.

Lilliard, Charles, “Raven Prayer”, Shadow Weather, ©1996, Sono Nis Press.

Livingston, Billie, “Paperweight”, The Chick at the Back of the Church, ©2001, Nightwood Editions.
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McCallum, Paddy, “Gargoyle Song”, Parable Beach, ©2000, Beach Holme Publishing.
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Marlatt, Daphne, from “Or there is love”, Stevenston, ©2001, Ronsdale Press.

Morton, Wendy, “Falling Water Birds”, Private Eye, ©1997, Ekstasis Editions.
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New, W.H., “Bicycle Rack 2”, Stone Rain, ©2001, Oolichan Books.

Nickel, Barbara, “For Peter, my cousin”, The Gladys Elegies, ©1997, Coteau Books.
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Nickerson, Billeh, “Driving in Adam’s Jeep”, The Asthmatic Glass Blower and other poems, ©2000, Arsenal Pulp Press.

Parsons, Kelly, “The Nuns Are Peeling Apples”, Threshold: six women poets, ©2001, Sono Nis Press.

Peace, Barbara Colebrook, from “Shadow Icarus”, Kyrie, ©2001 Sono Nis Press.

Wheeler, Sue, from “Islands … The Heart”, Slow-Moving Target, ©2000 Brick Books.