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1999 Poetry in Transit

The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.

bissett, bill, “watching broadcast nuts”, scars on th seehors, ©1999, Talon Books.

Blaser, Robin, “hard, gemlike flame”, The Holy Forest, ©1993, Talon Books.

Gom, Leona, “Secretary Morning”, The Collected Poems, ©1991, Sono Nis Press.

McKay, Anne, “untitled”, a cappella, ©1994, Ronsdale Press.

Musgrave, Susan, “Tomatoes on the Windowsill After Rain”, Things That Keep and Do Not Change, ©1999, McClelland & Stewart.

Rhenisch, Harold, “The Magician”, The Blue Mouth of Morning, ©1998, Oolichan Books.

Scofield, Gregory, “Dah Ting About Waltzing”, I Knew Two Métis Women, ©1999, Polestar.

Seng, Goh Poh, from “Hornby Island”, The Girl from Ermita & Selected Poems 1961-1998, ©1998, Nightwood Editions.

Shreve, Sandy, “Leaving”, Belonging: A Book of Poems, ©1997, Sono Nis Press.

Skelton, Robin, “The Sand in the Oyster”, Wrestling the Angel, ©1994, Beach Holme Publishers.

Stenson, Susan, “Wanting to Know”, Threshold: Six Women, Six Poets, ©1998, Sono Nis Press.

Turner, Michael, “(iii)”, Kingsway, ©1995, Arsenal Pulp Press.

Wayman, Tom, “Sorry My Paper is Late, But”, The Colours of the Forest, ©1999, Harbour Publishing.

Wilson, Sheri-D, “The Sweet Taste of Lightning”, The Sweet Taste of Lightning, ©1998, Arsenal Pulp Press.

Wong, Rita, from “Denim Blues”, monkeypuzzle, ©1998, Press Gang Publishers.