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1997 Poetry in Transit

The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.

Baldwin, Jacqueline, from “Passionately Fond of the Zamboni”, Threadbare Like Lace, ©1997, Caitlin Press.

Bolster, Stephanie, from “Many Have Written Poems About Blackberries”, Breathing Fire: Canada’s New Poets, ©1995, Harbour Publishing.

Bowering, George, from “Elegy Two of The Kerrisdale Elegies”, George Bowering: Selected Poems 1961-1992, ©1993, McClelland & Stewart.

Button, Margo, “Freedom”, The Unhinging of Wings, ©1996, Oolichan Books.

Cochrane, Mark, from “Boy”, Boy Am I, ©1995, Wolsak and Wynn.

Crozier, Lorna, “Lettuce”, The Garden Going On Without Us, ©1985, McClelland & Stewart.

Hamilton, J.A., from “Piñata”, Body Rain, ©1993, Brick Books.

Landale, Zoe, from “The Dead Rise In Us”, Burning Stone, ©1995, Ronsdale Press.

Munro, Jane Southwell, “Terminal”, Grief Notes & Animal Dreams, ©1995, Brick Books.

Musgrave, Susan, “Cali”, Cocktails at the Mausoleum, ©1992, Beach Holme Publishers.

Reid, Jamie, from “Lester Speaks”, PREZ, ©1993, Oolichan Books.

Rodin, Renee, “Bites”, Bread and Salt, ©1996, Talon Books.

Rogers, Linda, “Not a Stone”, Woman at Mile Zero, ©1990, Oolichan Books.

Rosenblatt, Joe, from “Caterpillar Dirge”, Brides of the Stream, ©1983, Oolichan Books.

Skelton, Robin, “untitled”, I Am Me, ©1994, Sono Nis Press.

Tucker, Diane L., “theatre under the stars”, God on His Haunches, ©1996, Nightwood Editions.