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1996 Poetry in Transit

The following is a listing of: the poet’s name, the title of the poem, the title of the book containing the poem, copyright date and publisher.

Baker, Winona, “Terra Incognita”, Beyond the Lighthouse, ©1992, Oolichan Books.

Bowling, Tim, “Steelhead, Spawning”, Low Water Slack, ©1995, Nightwood Editions.

Brett, Brian, “The Nightfire”, Poems New & Selected, ©1995, Sono Nis Press.

Braid, Kate, “Untitled”, To This Cedar Fountain, ©1995, Polestar.

Brooks, Brenda, “Lost”, Blue Light In the Dash, ©1994, Polestar.

Gom, Leona, “Our Mothers”, The Collected Poems, ©1991, Sono Nis Press.

Lane, Patrick, “The Artist”, Too Fierce, ©1995, Harbour Publishing.

Lillard, Charles, “Colour Kitsegas Skeena”, Shadow Weather, ©1996, Sono Nis Press.

Livesay, Dorothy, “The Cabbage”, The Self-Completing Tree, ©1986, Beach Holme Publishers.

McWhirter, George, “Five Points North of Steveston”, A Staircase for All Souls, ©1993, Oolichan Books.

New, W.H., “Catalyst”, Science Lessons, ©1996, Oolichan Books.

Roberts, Kevin, “Untitled”, Nanoose Bay Suite, ©1984, Oolichan Books.

Scofield, Gregory, “Stepfather”, Native Canadiana, ©1996, Polestar.

Smith, Ron, “Nicole: May 11”, Enchantment & Other Demons, ©1995, Oolichan Books.

Vuong-Riddick, Thuong, “Each Day”, Two Shores/Deux rives, ©1995, Ronsdale Press.

Webb, Phillis, “Untitled”, Selected Poems: The Vision Tree, ©1982, Talon Books.